Empowering Emerging Leaders

Through self-awareness, confidence and leadership development

Who I Support

Future Female Leaders

Is your daughter full of potential but struggling with self-confidence and self-belief? Our programme tailored for girls aged 14-17 provides mentorship and engaging activities to empower them. We address the challenges of adolescence, guiding them to embrace their strengths and navigate confidently towards their goals.


Emerging Female Leaders

Are you transitioning into a leadership role, grappling with the complexities of leading projects and teams? Or are you an aspiring leader poised to influence key decisions and strategy in your organisation and beyond? Whether you you're struggling with imposter syndrome, self doubt or just need guidance and training, our programs and 1:1 coaching offer the resources to hone your skills and overcome internal barriers, empowering you to lead with confidence and impact.

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Next-Gen Family Business Leaders

Are you an emerging family business leader, navigating the transition into a leadership role within your family's enterprise? Whether you're contending with imposter syndrome, seeking to overcome self-doubt, or looking to enhance your leadership capabilities, our tailored programs and personalised coaching provide the tools and support you need. Our goal is to empower you to lead with confidence, navigate family dynamics effectively, and drive your family business forward with purpose and impact.

Female Entrepreneurs & Executives

Are you a visionary leader forging your own path and inspiring others to believe in your vision, while you struggle with self doubt, overwhelm and fear?

Our tailored programmes and coaching support you in navigating challenges, cultivating your leadership skills and empowering you to build unshakable self-confidence, overcome imposter syndrome and lead with purpose.

About Your Coach

Hello, I’m Alizae Ismail, your guide to excelling as an empowered female leader.


In my career I have led teams of 2 people to 150+ people, from different countries, backgrounds, age group and mindsets. I have been led by fantastic female leaders that guided and empowered me, as well as by those who demotivated and disappointed me. 


What I have learnt through my journey working with youth and adults is that every person needs to be seen, heard and loved, and we need to allow ourselves to be seen heard and loved. This is how I have developed inspired teams of individuals who learn, grow, take initiative, communicate and above all, believe in me as a leader. 


I have faced all of the challenges I now coach female leaders through, including the burnout, imposter syndrome, doubting myself, pressure to achieve and perform, dealing with conflict, making difficult decisions, motivating and inspiring others and guiding teams with confidence. 


As a Mindset and Leadership Coach & Trainer my passion lies in supporting women to be inspiring leaders that are self-aligned, self-confident and empowered. 

Why I Serve


My Mission is to help women know themselves, build confidence and lead with impact, ultimately creating a ripple effect of positive change in their lives and communities


I envision a world where every woman has the confidence and clarity to pursue her passions and become an impactful and empowered leader by harnessing the power of who she truly is

Guiding Philosophy

Every Individual needs to be seen, heard and loved. Thats why I create safe spaces for my clients to explore, be vulnerable and to ultimately flourish into a confident and impactful leader

One on One Coaching

Coaching is an opportunity to delve deep into who you are and what is blocking you from leading from a space of self-alignment. We work with the internal blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from starting your business, changing careers, or being able to excel in your professional journey. 


This is a holistic approach, and the positive, sustainable change that we make will show up in other parts of your life too, so soon you’ll be more aware, empowered and leading in all aspects of your life. 


We’ll work together for 3 months on a weekly basis working around your schedule, starting with a discovery call to see if we’re the right fit.


After 3 months you decide whether you would like continued support or you’re ready to move forward into the next steps of your journey. 

ElevateHer Programme

The ElevateHer Programme is for Emerging and Current Female Leaders to develop the leadership skills they need to thrive as managers, key decision makers and influencers. 


Our 8-week online programme covers:

  • Visionary Leadership Foundations
  • Confidence Building and Self-Empowerment
  • Effective Communication and Influence
  • Resilience and Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Building and Collaboration
  • Strategic Thinking and Decision Making
  • Authentic Leadership and Personal Branding
  • Action Planning and Continued Growth
The next 2024 cohort dates will be announced soon. Register your interest to be notified of our next batch


Leadership Retreats

Embark on a transformative journey with our leadership retreats, designed to empower you at every step of your growth. Whether it’s a rejuvenating weekend escape or an immersive 5-day experience, our retreats offer a sanctuary to delve deep into self-discovery and renewal.


Weekend Retreats:

Indulge in a soul-nourishing getaway where you’ll uncover your true essence and find solace in self-reflection. Dive into activities aimed at rejuvenating your spirit, identifying your mission, and creating a positive self-image. Reconnect with your inner voice and emerge revitalised, ready to embrace your journey with renewed clarity and purpose.


Week Long Retreats:

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive journey of self-discovery and skill development, spanning five enriching days. Delve into workshops and exercises tailored to address limitations, foster self-belief, and cultivate leadership skills. Explore your vision and mission, confront internal barriers, and emerge empowered with the tools and confidence to lead authentically and impactfully.



The next Retreat dates will be announced soon. Register your interest to be notified of the next weekend and week long retreats.

Get in Touch

To book a discovery call to see if we would be a good fit for 1:1 coaching, or if you’re curious about retreats, workshops or upcoming group coaching programmes, get in touch below

I consistently look forward to my conversations with Alizae. Her ability to strike a balance between attentive listening and sharing her wealth of experiences and ideas is amazing. In every conversation, she identifies the heart of the matter, providing invaluable insights that never fail to inspire me. Her thoughtful perspectives have consistently left me with new ideas, insights, and questions to ponder.

Salim Al-Haik

Alizae skillfully introduced self-reflection as a cornerstone of my growth journey. Encouraging introspection, she guided me to unearth untapped potential and refine my leadership qualities. The power of self-reflection under her guidance has enhanced my individual leadership style and provided me with valuable insights about self discovery through this process.

Anika Lakhani

Coaching sessions with Alizae were not just about developing leadership skills; they were a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Alizae’s insights and expertise created a safe space for introspection, allowing me to recognise and release barriers that were holding me back. The NLP techniques used were particularly impactful, providing tangible tools to reshape my mindset and approach challenges with newfound confidence.

Savannah Monroe